Management Education

Through TransformRx I have also been active in speaking at multiple conferences on both financial and commercial topics as well as moderating a number of panel discussions. These events are complemented by the Pharma Business Development Course produced by CELforpharma in Brussels Belgium and by Pharmaguys in Beijing PRC which together have been run 20 times since 2005 and are scheduled for three further editions in 2011, one in Brussels and one in Copenhagen and one in Beijing. Over 500 people have attended the courses since 2005.

This has also led to the creation of the European Course for BioBusiness Development (ECBD) which is run once per year in collaboration with University of Basel and the ECPM. This course has now been incorporated as a module of the Masters in Advanced Studies degree in Drug Development Sciences offered by the University. New courses are planned for Latin America and Southern Europe in 2011 and four more CELforpharma courses are booked for 2012.

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