Recent Projects as@22/7/2012

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Since 2005 TransformRx has undertaken a wide variety of international projects working for clients based in Switzerland, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, USA, and Denmark. The projects have included advising Company Boards in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, Business Development Functions, Fund Managers, Banks and Consultancies. The topics have ranged from Strategic Planning to Product Acquisition, Merger, Asset Divestments, Fund Raising and of course Licensing.

A client company retained TransformRx to advise on it strategic options having two compounds entering Phase II but enough funding for one development program. The practical choices included divestment of one product, licensing of one or both products with a retrenchment of the company to early (but well funded) research, or indeed sales of the entire company and portfolio. Market conditions being more unstable than usual meant that all options were fully explored. The result was a first licensing transaction with economic to the client of over $400m with significant upfront and milestone payments and subsequently a second licensing transaction for the other Phase II product with similar economics.

A client company was about to undertake a major licensing program for their lead product and this would become the first major commercial collaboration. TransformRx was retained to advise and assist the company's management on the processes they should undertake to ensure smooth progress of their negotiations including review of the term sheet structure, provision of a full data room, interviewing and rehearsing their due diligence respondents and advising the CEO on the approach to the negotiations with the potential partners. The eventual deal was consummated successfully and achieved attractive economics with a value around $200m.

A small European formulation development company wished to structure and negotiate a deal with a major contract manufacturer for the use of their fast dissolving tablets. TransformRx assisted the company with the valuation and structuring of the transaction and then led the negotiation with the US company on behalf of the management team. The transaction was successfully concluded.

A Swiss company needing to expand its working capital worked with TransformRx to secure CHF2m in 2011 and is now developing its worldwide distribution network for its products and growing strongly.

A big pharma national subsidiary was faced with the issue of how best to approach the upcoming launch of a major new product. They had no previous experience of co-promotion and wanted to understand the issues entailed and come to a decision about whether and how to undertake such a transaction. TransformRx was retained to produce a briefing for the company's management and to moderate a discussion between them to help resolve a choice. The conclusion was that following the briefing and a review of their internal resources they opted not to attempt a co-promotion.

A client was seeking additional products for its portfolio and had identified a particular brand it wished to acquire from a large pharmaceutical company. TransformRx was retained to structure and make the approach for the product. The bid has now been accepted and the product has now commenced it new development program.